Framing Academy Mission Statement

It is important to keep craft and traditions alive and preserve knowledge that has been a part of people’s lives for centuries. Unfortunately, with the pressure of mass-production, the customized solutions are on the verge of extinction. We wish to keep the independent frame shop not only alive, but thriving, because the value of custom design is timeless.

In order to help the independent framing industry, we’ve created this online learning platform to educate and nurture a community of professionals. This is a place where the framers can collaborate, learn from one another and share information as well as experiences to keep the heart of framing beating.

I believe that our shared vision is that framing and frame shops can reclaim its deserved status: a place of craftsmanship, a place of custom design, a place where every customer sees that their needs are met.  And the framer feels free to concentrate on perfecting her craft, not on to make ends meet. So, thank you for joining us on this journey and we look forward to your comments to make this the engine of the future for the framing industry!

What we have planned:

  1. Successful framing business - the essentials
    1. Introduction
    2. First steps to a framing business
    3. How to create a business plan?
    4. Suppliers
    5. Pricing & profit
    6. The more efficient frame shop
    7. The more efficient frame shop part 2
  2. Social media for business development
    1. Introduction
    2. Social platforms and their effective use
    3. Audiences
    4. Creating a brand & identity
    5. Embracing brand story and identity online 
    6. How to speak to customers about framing
    7. Case studies
    8. Social media strategies
    9. TOP5 trends or great examples in framing industry's online communication 
  3. Sustainability
    1. Introduction
    2. Socially responsible framing 
    3. Cause marketing
    4. Values vs profits 
  4. Sales & customer service 
    1. Introduction
    2. How to promote and sell custom framing
    3. Preservation vs Conservation
    4. How to promote & sell preservation framing
    5. Working with customers - design conversations
    6. Showroom/gallery
    7. Working with difficult customers
    8. Selling strategically
    9. Beyond fit and finish
    10. Using a POS software
    11. How to deal with client objections
    12. Good, better, the best - 5 ways to improve sales
  5. Design
    1. Introduction - the importance of design in framing
    2. Understanding the design value
    3. Design conversation - appearance
    4. Design conversation 2 - Preservation Appearance
    5. 5 things to consider/double-check in the design process
    6. Answers to FAQ
  6. Techniques
    1. Introduction
    2. Framing materials 
    3. Cutting mats 
    4. Mat decoration 
    5. Mounting paper items - preservation techniques 
    6. Mounting paper items - permanent techniques 
    7. Mounting flat textiles
    8. Mounting garments 
    9. Mounting three-dimensional objects 
    10. Frame mouldings 
    11. Frame constructions 
    12. Fitting & finishing 
    13. Using value-added glass
    14. Preservation benefit of UV filtering 
    15. Extraordinary execution and examples
    16. FAQ